The artist and John Barrowman

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I had a call from a gallery that someone wanted to meet me and visit the studio and would I be okay meeting someone at short notice, of course I said yes.

Well as it turned out the person that wanted to visit the studio for a private viewing was John Barrowman, John is a keen art collector and wanted to see where it was all done and for a chance to get some more original work to add to the ones he had already bought of mine but wanted to see the work before it went out to a gallery.

I was more than delighted to meet John Barrowman and spend a pleasant afternoon talking about art and his latest project in the States and Since being cast as the mysterious "Well-Dressed Man" in The CW's new series, Arrow, John has been commuting back and forth to Vancouver for filming. John Barowman will certainly be back at the studio for more work in the future but as always he is more than welcome to just pop in for a coffee and a chat.

J P McLaughlin

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